10:00 — 18:00
Attention! Leaders of the international Blockchain community are coming to Moscow. Don’t miss the opportunity to be exchanging opinions and insights on the application and development of Blockchain tech for an entire day with 500 participants, the very best speakers and industry colleagues
8 speakers
8 hours
500 participants

It’s not a typical boring conference — it’s a community platform for everyone who is ready to share knowledge about Blockchain tech and do some serious myth-busting.

In the last few months, multiple Blockchain seminars and meetups have been hosted at Digital October, including presentations from such field experts as Vitalik Buterin and Alexander Ivanov, as well as the Blockchain Weekend for entrepreneurs, top managers and virtually anyone willing to participate.

We want to see the community of Blockchain experts growing and getting to know each other!

Alexander Chepurnoy
Blockchain researcher at IOHK, Developer at Scorex, Founder of Ergo platform.
John McAfee
Founder of McAfee Associates, founder and CEO of MGT Capital Investments.
Patrick McCorry
Research Associate at University College London.
Michael Perklin
Chief Information Security Officer at ShapeShift.
List is replenished...
14 500
Digital October Center
Moscow, Bersenevskaya nab. 6 str. 3
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